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This new Tama 381 project is located 10 minutes’ walk from the sea. Great location – a light rail line (the red line) that is already partially built will pass close by the building (3 minutes on foot), connecting directly to Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Petach Tikva, and Bnei Brak, so residents can easily and quickly reach the largest employment and leisure centers in the area. Brand new apartment on the higher floors Great investment potential

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Nothing about buying real estate in Israel is simple. Each property seems to have a complicated history associated with it. As a buyer, you need to have a trusted real estate agent who can navigate you through it. This becomes even more important for someone buying a property from outside the country. Maayan is the best! She was a critical resource for me throughout my buying experience. While some agents seem to be focused on their commission, Maayan is genuinely interested in the wellbeing and best outcome for her clients. She is invaluable to navigate throughout the entire process; in my case, when things stalled with the lawyers/banks, Maayan stepped in and was able to get the issues resolved so that things could continue to move forward. Without question, I would highly recommend Maayan for all your real estate needs.



בתקופה הכי מסובכת והכי סוערת בעולם הנדל״ן והקורונה, הצלחתם לנווט את הסירה שלנו אל חוף מבטחים! מעיין רק קברניטה חכמה כמוך יכולה לעשות קסמים כאלה. ואת יכולה לצטט אותנו אם את רוצה. באהבה ובתודה רבה משנינו. ( צלחת הפירות המקסימה ששלחת גם הפתיעה אותנו וגם תשמור על הבריאות שלנו!) 

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Wellspring is my property management company for real estate that I own in Israel. For the past five years I have been with Wellspring. Living abroad makes managing my real estate very challenging and being present poses a real challenge as far as being able to effectively manage a property. Having someone responsible and experienced on the ground allowed me to rest assured, stay calm and feel totally at ease knowing my property is in good and very trustworthy hands. 

Wellspring has made managing my real estate in Israel extremely easy and carefree. The staff at Wellspring are highly trained, very professional, easy going and very dedicated. Every issue be it administrative, financial (bill pay, advertising for prospective tenants, brokering contracts etc.) repair related (hiring workmen, overseeing repair/renovation etc.) legal (general legal advice, drafting landlord-tenant agreement, representing client etc.) , or any other aspect associated with the day to day management of a property, is efficiently and expeditiously handled by Wellspring. 
In addition, communication with Wellspring is quick. Whether by phone, text or email, they are always available to answer questions and address concerns. Their hours are flexible and it’s all done in a friendly and cordial way with a personal touch. 
I am very satisfied with Wellspring and highly recommend them.

Rabay Ariel


Dear Jake,
My name is Chaim Geron and I’m your new tenant at the above property.
I took the opportunity to praise the service of Maayan Harkham, your property manager.
Maayan, has been very helpful, very professional and efficient. She has always been available to me and my partner and engages tradesmen of the highest quality.
From a tenant perspective and I’m sure that of a landlord’s perspective there’s no better peace of mind.
Best regards,

Chaim Geron


בוקר טוב,
נכנסנו לדירה בשעה טובה. וטרם כניסתנו ולאחר כניסתנו מצאנו ליקויים שונים.
מאד הופתענו הטיפול המסור לו זכינו ממעיין. מעיין טיפלה ומטפלת ביעילות יוצאת דופן בכל דבר, תמיד זמינה ומעסיקה בעלי מקצוע מעולים, נעימים אדיבים והכי חשוב שבאים עם פתרונות. אין ספק שהחיים במדינה שלנו היו הרבה יותר קלים אם היו מעט יותר אנשים כמו מעיין.
בשמי ובשם ליאת אנחנו מוצאים לנכון לומר מילים אלה וגם אם אנו מקווים שלא נזדקק למעיין אנו יודעים שאם כן, יש ודאי על מי לסמוך! 
שבת שלום ומבורך

אביזמר ח&ל


מעיין הי,

שמחנו גם אנחנו להיפגש ביום שישי ובעיקר לראות מתווכת מקצועית מהשורה הראשונה שהגיעה מוכנה לפגישה, עם היכרות של הדירה ונתוניה ואף החזיקה במסמכים רלוונטיים.

נפגשנו בעברנו עם הרבה מתווכים הן בארץ והן בחו”ל וראינו את ההבדל בין מתווכים מקצועיים, המגלים בקיאות בפרטי הדירה/ות ובין מתווכים חובבנים..

שמחה לומר לך שהמפגש איתך היה מבחינתנו חוויה מתקנת לכל אותן ההתנסויות בעבר , אשר תרמו לתדמית הלא מחמיאה של ציבור המתווכים בארץ.

נשמח לעמוד איתך בקשר גם בעתיד.

שנה טובה

עירית ואילן שניאור


למעיין היקרה,
ראשית, רצינו לומר תודה וגם שהתרשמנו מאוד מהליווי שלך: המהירות והיעילות שבהם השגת לנו את המסמכים שביקשנו, הקשר המהיר עם המוכרים ובאופן כללי, עשית כל מה שצריך וכל מה שציפינו ממתווך מעולה שיעשה. וכמובן התחושה הכללית של נעימות והגינות, שגרמו לכך שכל תהליך העסקה (שמלחיצה בדרך כלל).
היה ממש חיובי.
תודה ותבואי לבקר!

אושרת ויאיר תמנה


Maayan had a remarkably insightful and professional manner in understanding my complex situation in Israel.  

Whilst I lived in the UK, with very young children and unable to travel much, Maayan helped me deal with issues relating to the sale of an Israeli apartment.  

The difficulties I encountered with the apartment related to serious damage to property, serous illegal activity within the property, non-payment, violence, a tenant that would not evacuate, neighbour complaints and much more. 

Maayan took all the steps necessary to regain possession of the apartment, whilst also taking care of the issues relating to the problematic tenants and making sure they were safe and were not being heartlessly “kicked-out”. Her manner resolved many a conflict. I doubt many others could have dealt with things in the same way – ie, through mediation and not “war”. Maayan managed to save us from the stress and worry of commencing legal proceedings and managed to diffuse and resolve each situation, one at a time, so that matters didn’t escalate to heights they easily could have. This included problems with the tenants, as well as with neighbours, utility companies, municipality offices and other legal and tax matters. 

When I approached Maayan in Israel with the troubles I was facing, we could not see a way out or how to deal with any of these issues from abroad. We feared that things would continue from bad to worse, with no end in sight. 

Maayan made measured and reasoned decisions along the way and managed to minimised the drama. She also dealt with the whole aftermath that was left in the building and apartment by the tenants. And she then sold the apartment for us, to a great buyer. Maayan was our remote control, our one stop shop, until the end, and after. Her knowledge, her contacts and her modus operandi were all invaluable. 

I wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend Maayan. She is trustworthy and helpful – from the simplest of matters to the most challenging and complicated. Maayan kept me well informed throughout each hurdle, was always proactive in having any necessary or difficult discussion about next steps, gave careful consideration to all the relevant issues – and she did it with a smile.



Since May 2004 my wife and I owned an apartment in Israel which we had let out for many years until we retired. Once we stopped letting the apartment in 2016 we had major improvements carried out. Not long after the major improvements we found there was a problem with damp in one bedroom which was very concerning and which our previous agent was not able to solve.

Whilst back in England (our home) we were very stressed as we knew that in Israel day by day the dampness was causing more damage and we could do nothing about it. In 2017 therefore we were looking for a new agent to manage the apartment and solve the problems and let it out for periods when we were not there. My wife was lucky enough to have met someone else who owned an apartment in Israel and who recommended someone she thought was a  wonderful managing agent. This was the first time we had heard of Maayan Harkham who with little fuss took over the management of our apartment with her very able team through her company Wellspring Property Management. She straight away took the correct actions to find what the dampness was caused by and then once this was properly diagnosed she set to work repairing and redecorating. This needed a great deal of remedial work. She also on our behalf obtained recompense from the Insurance Company for the damage and work carried out.

Maayan also ensured on an on going basis that in our absence the apartment was checked regularly which was also a condition of our insurance policy. From a letting point of view she found people to rent our apartment during certain periods when we were not using it. She would ready the apartment before people arrived and ensure all cleaning was carried out and laundry cleaned once they had departed. Maayan and her team are very reliable and easy to talk to with nothing being too much for them to undertake. They ensure all tasks are completed properly and to a high standard. It is always easy to contact Maayan or her team if one needs to. Telephone messages or emails are responded to very quickly and with great efficiency thus putting one’s mind at rest. We feel that Maayan took a great deal of stress out of our lives in the early days of her involvement with the dampness problem and we always felt confident that our apartment was being well managed wherever we were when it was under her care.

In 2019 we sold the apartment as we were not using it very often and it was more efficient to stay with or near our son in Jerusalem. Maayan marketed the property for us and sold it for us at what we believe to be a very satisfactory price.

To sum up, Maayan enables one to relax when away from one’s apartment, ensures any problems are solved. She is also proactive and ensures she and her team move quickly to take action where necessary. She also communicates very well. Nothing is too much for her and I would recommend her to any person letting their property in Israel for her all-round abilities.

E & J